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Caverly, Amos & Laney

More Ramblings and What Ifs for Amos and Laney Caverly

Assumptions of the times
1.) Families try to marry off dau. between ages of 15-19.

What I know but may not be 100% accurate
- Amos (based on grave marker) b 1786 d 1857 (age 71)
(I think he may have been born later based on points I noted)
- Laney (based on grave marker) b 1801 d 1874 (age 73)
Normally I would assume the information on Amos’s marker was provided by Laney but, the stones set next to each other appear to be very similar which could mean they were erected after the deaths. That would mean other family members may have provided the information on the stones. Chances are the deaths are accurate but birth dates are questionable.

2.) Based on their children’s births, earliest date I have is 1824 (Laney would be 23).
Some dates are missing (2). Let’s assume they were before 1824 (2-3 years apart). First birth would be abt. 1820 (Laney would be 19).
Looking at birth dates I have for their other children 1824, 1827, 1831, 1834, 1834?, 1843. Most were abt. 3 years apart. This could mean Laney may have married at abt. Age 18 = 1819. If she marries in 1819 Amos is suppose to be 33 (possibly a bit old but OK except the oldest birth is noted a 1843, Amos would be 57 Laney 43, 15 year spread in their ages).

3.) Land records say Amos buys land in Sidney Twp. 1811. He may be 25. Eight years on the land before he marries assuming it is 1819. What does he do for those 8 years? Clearing some of the land and building a cabin should take 2-3 years. There were conflicts going on and official war breaks out 1812. This could disrupt progress if he was involved. (Can I tie him into any possible military service at the time. He appears to show up in the militia prior to the 1837 rebellion.)

4.) 1851 Census – family that appears to be his but under the name Caveller. I wonder if he really was a Caverly. The census has Amos 69, Laney 48, Henry 24, Wm. 16, Amos 14, Visitor 11(female Irish) , John R 9 months (don’t know who this is). The dates are off a bit but that’s expected.
Other Sidney Twp records 1814-1849 have Amos active in minor official rolls such as Warden to Fence Viewer and in 1832 Trustee for Stone Church.

But how important was it to know your exact age (birth year)? Many young people said they were older and older people said they were younger.

Where would Amos get money to buy land? Did he work for it or possibly inherit.
Amos ? – b 1786, Land 1811, Marries 1819.

North American History
- American Independence 1776 but, conflicts to get British out went pass 1783.
- several years for government to form and all of the county to realize what is happening.
- Between 1780 –1800 on going Indian wars, conflicts with British and French, Louisiana Purchase.
- Canada West opens to Loyalists and settlers 1780-1800.
- War of 1812

Amos b 1786? In 1796 age 10. 1800 age 14. 1802 age 16, age when he would be expected to do something. Work, farm, military.

Let’s make a different age assumption for Amos. Assume age is off by +/- 5 yrs. More then likely +5. Therefore he would be born abt. 1791. Where? Now purchases land at age 20, marries at age 28 and dies at age 66.
1791 - 1811– Where is Amos, where born? History, Loyalist and late Loyalist migration still on going. Eng/Amer conflicts on going. From 1801 to 1811 would be important for his development and earnings. How would he earn money? How and when did he arrive in Canada?
He could be involved in farm laborer or lumbering. Since he became a farmer (and appeared to be successful) I assume he had this experience in his up bringing. The other way to earn money was in the military. Under this timeline he would be 16 in 1807 when the conflicts and Indian wars were on going. Could he have come to Canada as a draft dodger? If he does work his way to Canada at this time how does he make a living and does he have relatives in Canada? Closest Caverly neighbor at the time of land purchase was Joseph Caverly and he was within walking distance.


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Hi there Caverly I am out researching for the newest information on kansas genealogy and encountered your site. Although Caverly, Amos & Laney wasn't exactly what I was looking for, it certaninly got my attention and intrest. I see now why I found your page when I was looking for kansas genealogy associated information, and I'm glad I stopped by even though this isn't a perfect match.

Smashing post, Thanks for the read!

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Blogger Proto Boshi said...

Hi there, my dad is one of the sons of Jefferson A. Caverly, whose dad died young at the Caverly Mill in Bowsman, MB. I enjoyed reading your blog! I read your questions about how Amos earned money to purchase land, and I wondered if maybe Amos could have been granted Crown land, rather than purchasing it. I read somewhere that Joseph Caverly was granted Crown land as a reward for his military service. Thank you for all of your hard work! :-)

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