Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Surrogate Court record for Laney Caverly


In the Surogate Court In the Goods of Amos Caverley
of the County of Hastings -----

Your oath is that Amos Caverley late of the
Township of Sidney in the County of Hastings, Yeoman,
died on or about the thirteenth day in August in the year of
our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fifty seven, and
made no will as far as you know or believe. The said Amos
having whilst living and at the time of his death
owned goods, chattels, Rights and credits in the said County
of Hastings that you are the lawful widow and Reliet of
the said Amos Caverley, deceased and that will -----
and truly administer his goods, chattels, Rights and deeds
by paying first his debts so far as the same goods, chattels,
Rights and credits ---- there to ----- and the law charge
you, and that you will make as cause to be made a true
and perfect inventory of all the said goods, Chattels, Rights
and credits and Exhibit the same into the Registry of the
Surrogate Court of the County of Hastings on or before
the seventh day of April next ensuing, and that you
will render a just and true account therefore, So help
You God.

Sworn before the 7 th day of Laney Caverly
October A. D. 1857 Mark

G Brookes, County Widow Sidney


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