Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Caverly Land in Hastings County


1.) Sidney Twp. - Lot 31, 4th Concession

I believe this was the 1st property of Amos. I did see his name on one page I asked for a copy off but, that is not the page I received.

Note: Land office gave me the wrong copies. They did not provide the 1st or original ownership page. I guess they think people only want the latest records not the earliest. I will need to go back to copy that page.

Records for July 15, 1912, which have been crossed out and stamped Oct. 15, 1929.

- William John Christee and Wife
- James Martin Foster and Clarisa Caverley trustee of estate of .John K. Caverly (Aug. 5, 1916)

Looks like it was 57 acres.

Some notes about the Electric Power Co. In 1917.


Laney wife of Amos died in 1874.
Land must of gone to son John K. Caverly d 1875
Land must have then gone to John K Caverlys wife Clarisa (Sharp) Caverly d 1941
Land later went to Lilly Mary Caverly dau d 1952 of John and Clarisa. Lilly Mary married J. Martin Foster

Somewhere between 1917 and 1929 land was sold to someone else.

2.) North Part of the Village of Madoc - Lot No’s 1 & 2, 6 Concession, Lot No. 7 on the North side of Division St.

Dec. 13, 1859, which has been crossed out, Joseph Caverly wife. Later the name Sarah Russell is shown with Joseph Caverly as the Grantee (1860-67)
Later 1922 names of Charles Caverly and wife, John Caverly and wife, with the Grantee Thomas C. Caverly
Later 1953 names Thomas C. Caverly and wife - Colin I Ross & Kathreen Ross his wife as joint tenants (Grantee)

1958 - Estate of Thomas Cross Melbourne Caverly.

Joseph Melbourne Caverly & Colin Ross as Excecutor, of last will of Thomas Cross Melbourne Caverly deceased of the 1st part and Joseph Melbourne Caverly as 3rd part and Jessie Caverly wife of Joseph Melbourne Caverly.

1972 Estate of Colin I Ross

1982 Estate of Kathreen Ross - Thomas A Ross Grantee.


Joseph and Caroline Caverly
- Thomas C. Caverly was their son and appears to have inherited the land

Kathleen Caverly and Joseph Melbourne Caverly were children of Thomas and appeared to have inherited the land.

Karhleen married Colin I Ross
- their son Thomas A. Ross seems to be the last person to inherit the land. I do not know wher eit when from this point.


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