Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Caverley, Caverly Name

Caverley, Caverly – Local, of Calverley, q.v.; a varient. Calverley is a parish near Brandford, Yorks. 1562 Bapt. – Edmond, s Bryan Caverley: St. Michaels, Cornhill, p 81.
The personal name of the father would of itself suggest a Yorkshire parentage. Bryan, until the 18th century, was a great favourite in North Lancashire, and West and North Yorkshire. Of this fact I might give endless proofs. Caverly is well known in the United States. It went out early. Charles Caverlie, age 17 – imharqued in the Mathew of London for St. Christophers in 1635: Hotten’s Lists of Emigrants, p 81.
London, 1, 0; New York, 0, 8.


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