Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Caverly Book

Feb. 2004

Hi Folks,

I am writing a generic letter so that I can include this with my mailings to all of you.

I completed another version of a Caverly Genealogy Booklet called "In Search of Amos Mills Caverly". Amos Mills Caverly is my 3rd Great Grandfather and as far back as I can find records for at this time.

I have printed a few other booklets in the past and given them all away. This latest booklet is focused on my branch of the Caverly tree but also includes info on at least two generations of those connected to Amos Mills Caverly's line. I also included a list of relatives to Amos. This actually has more names then family information I have printed in the book. For those who would like more details for their family let me know and I will send you what I have.

I have several items I will mention in this letter relating to my work.

- I have a great deal more information on Caverlys then appears in this book. I have at least four different branches in my files and unfortunately can't print a complete book on all of them because it would be too big and expensive for me. Some of the branches spell their name Caverley. There are a lot of other family names out there spelled in various ways I have not even had a chance to explore. There are also many Caverly families in the USA and I have only contacted a few.

- I am still studying Genealogy through the University Of Toronto Faculty of Information Studies.

- I always appreciate updates on any Caverly families along with copies of any documents or photos. It is difficult to include high quality photos in my books since I am not using an expensive high quality printing source but, selected photos appear in my electronic version of Caverly Genealogy and I find the quality to be very good in this format.

- I do have some of my files on-line at the Family Tree Maker web site but have not updated the information for over a year. I have become concerned about the commercialization of the material posted. I believe in the free exchange of family information so this concept has bothered me. I have also submitted information to the LDS Family History Centre site which is free. Unfortunately genealogy work is not always perfect and there has been errors in some of my records. Sometimes it is more difficult to correct on-line errors then it is to put it there in the first place.

- I have also become concerned about confidentiality, privacy and identification theft. I am constantly reviewing these concerns through the course I take and through seminars I attend. In most cases for on-line data I have kept dates private for living individuals. In my books I try to include all dates since I do know the books are only going to family members.

- My printing is usually a very small production run. The last version I sent out I only made 100 copies. That version had about 100 pages. This version will be more limited in circulation due to the cost. Each book cost me $9.35 plus any associated mail costs.
With this new printing I have only made 60 copies because it is almost 200 pages. I can also produce it on a CD for computer use and it is cheaper for me to do it this way. Many of you have provided me with family information and I have tried to keep you updated on the families. I really appreciate information all of you have provided. I encourage all of you to look around to see if there may be additional information I may be interested in. I am always willing to share any copying costs.

- as always a special thanks to Karen Adamcik and Eva Wirth, two distant Caverly cousins who are also actively involved in Caverly Genealogy.

Be well, be safe everyone.

Paul Ralph Caverly
28 Marchbank Cres.
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
L6S 3B1
Phone (905) 793 3440


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