Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Caverly DNA Project


Hi Folks,

I am writing to you because I know you are all interested in the Caverly family and have all spent time researching the name. So I know you are all serious about Genealogy and our roots. I believe we all find the hobby fun and interesting.

I am looking for ideas on how to sponsor a Caverly DNA data base. I have taken the plunge so to speak and submitted my DNA to the FamilyTreeDNA project. When I receive results I will try to let others know the findings

A DNA project is not something that needs one persons support. It needs more support and volunteers, specifically male Caverly volunteers. The problem is the program cost.

The program has several different DNA schemes a person can submit to. The basic price is about $99 under my Caverly Project. This is all in US dollars.

There are 3 or 4 major organizations offering the service. Recently some of the individual organizations have setup joint search databases.

I mentioned I took the plunge. I submitted my DNA and requested a full program. My rational for this was the fact I will be provided with all the results which I can keep and share with anyone I want, FamilyTree will cross check the results will all other projects and continue to do this for the next 25 years. The data will stay online for those 25 years. I don't know what happens after 25 years. This will establish a Caverly DNA Project anyone else can check against for those next 25 years. I consider this a reasonable investment when averaged over that time period.

None of us will be on earth forever so this is another way to leave a legacy behind, in addition to the standard paper Genealogy work we have all been doing.

At this time I am not asking anyone to do anything but to think about the idea, ask questions and exchange ideas. As I receive more information I will share those with everyone.

What I would like such a project to accomplish is to determine if the different branches of Caverlys are related. We have all collected paper documents to help establish these major Caverly branches but, we don't know if they are all directly related. Unless we can find actual paper data to show these branches are related DNA may be the only method to do this. All of us have spent a lot of time and money doing our Genealogy research in addition to other Caverly family researchers that have gone before us. Past and Present, we all seem to be at the same point with no real progress that our predecessors did not already find.

For the time being all that I am trying to do is determine how many different branches we have discovered that we cannot connect together. At this time I am restricting my research to North America. Once we determine the different branches, we need to try and find an actual living male descendent. These males need to have a direct lineage through only male ancestors so that means they will all probably have the Caverly surname. This is the only way to check the Y Chromosome which is only passed down from father to son (sorry ladies).

What I would ask is your help in identifying these living male Caverly descendents and making sure we have contact information for them.

Some of the branches are easy to do. As an example the New Hampshire Caverlys' have a large number of male Caverly descendents and thanks to the on going work of the Caverly Family Association we have contact information for many of them.

Another line is that which Eva Wirth and Karen Adamcik are descendant from. I know some contacts for this line with male Caverly descendents in the Marmora, ON area but have not contacted them to date with regards to a DNA Project. There may also be others in Michigan.

I am also aware of another line that has links to my own which I call the Jefferson Caverly branch. This line is the same branch as Eva and Karen and I do know of some living males in this branch.

There is also a number of Caverlys' in Quebec. They may be related to the New Hampshire branch but I don't have a connection in my data. If anyone has data to show this please pass it on. We don't have to have DNA data where we already have shown how different branches are connected.

Recently I have also discovered a Caverly Irish branch and have made contact with a few of the descendants of this branch.

There may be a few other strays but these are the major groups I have found so far. If you think there are others please let me know.

Please provide your comments even if it is negative to the idea. You can find out more at this web site.

Thank you all for your time.


Paul R. Caverly
28 Marchbank Cres.,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
L6S 3B1
Phone: 905 793 3440


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