Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Caverly Historic Notes

Small Notes in History

I consider the Caverly name unique. Various forms of the family name show up in history. Whether they are the origins of all Caverly families is difficult to trace although it would seem logical.

One particular distracting item is whether those bearing the family name are all from the same main family tree. The a controversy arises in some hints in history of the name Caverly associated with England/Scotland and the name Cavalier which may have French connections.

Some highlights in history that may be related to our family name are:

- John (the Scot), born in Edinburgh, Scotland wandered into the Leeds, England area. Her he reportedly married an lady named Lardina. The story goes on to say he was given land by Lardina's and was either asked or chose to take a last name related to the property. The a ledge property was known as Calverley which was an abbreviated form for the statement "where the cows lay". All of this took place around 1116. Calverley manor was owned at that time by a Gospatrick Adolphus. There was a Calverley manor in Leeds, England and it was once a parish. Today some of the building still stand and the name Calverley and be found on some maps for the Leeds area representing districts. The story goes on to say John & Lardina had at least three sons, John, Walter and William.

- Sir Hugh Caverly, appears about 1356 (d1389) under Edward III. He was a military officer and was noted as the first to use guns in the service of England. He invaded france and took Calais where he was governor for 20 years.

- Sir John Calverley, some records recorded about 1403 under Henry IV.

- Sir Anthony Calverley, appears about 1544. Records in Scotland's College of Heraldry.

- Sir Henry Caverly, appears about 1680.

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- In the new world (North America) others names documented briefly in history, Charles Caverlie, about 1635, age 17; George Caverly, about 1635, age 14; Philip Caverly about 1682; Moses Caverly.

Although I cannot attest to the relationships of these people to that of any families identified with the Caverly name I have found those with the family name have made a effort to continually use it in the present day spelling. There is a deviations in the spelling as Caverley but some of these families can be traced to the main Caverly family tree.


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