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From what I have been able to piece together my 2nd great grandfather Amos Miles Caverly came to Hastings in about 1811. At least 1811 is the first record I can find of him being in the area. The records indicate he was on Lot 31 Con. 4. There were many Caverlys in Hastings and they all seemed to have migrated from the US after the American Revolution.

There appears to be a record that Amos received land near Wallbidge in 1811. By 1878 there was no indication of any land in the Wallbidge area being owned by Caverlys. Wallbidge is now a small cross road just north west of Belleville and is almost on the suburbs of the city. There is a municipal office on the corn today.

Joseph Caverly, my 1st great grandfather, appears to have been born abt. 1831 in Sidney Twp. Where Wallbridge is located. There are some other records showing a Joseph Caverly and a Joseph Canniff were arrested in 1837 during the Canadian Rebellion. They appear to have been in the Wallbridge area but, based on the date and estimated age of my great grandfather it does not seem likely this was him. There is also a land record for Laney Caverly, Amos Miles Caverly’s wife, in 1840. This is interesting because her husband Amos did not die until 1857. In the 1851 census there was a record for an Amos, Laney and family in Sidney Twp. Although there are some spelling errors in the census this undoubtly was the family of my 2 nd great grandparents.

Later we find in the 1871 census a Joseph, age 38, in Madoc. Between 1854 and 1876 Joseph and Caroline, my 1st great grand parents, had all of their children born in Madoc.

In 1885 there is reference to a Caverly & McKenzie store in the North Hastings paper. There was a reference to a Franklin Potash Works in 1864 next to the mill pond and Caverly bakery. Reference is also made to blacksmith shops of Brown, Caverly and others. We also have record of Joseph Caverly having a carriage and sleigh manufacturing business in Madoc about 1878. There is a record that the widow of Dorland Caverly bought a grocery store and ice cream parlor in Madoc in 1892. Dorland was on of the sons of Joseph and Caroline. Some notes seem to indicate the Caverlys had an organ and furniture making business as well in Madoc. There are also some indications that other Caverly family members shared in the businesses and owned part of a store near Eldorado.

My great grandfather George Henry moved out to Manitoba in 1900. There is an indication he went out west in 1898 and returned for the rest of his family in 1900. I do know my grandfather was left in Madoc to be raised by his grandmother Caroline Caverly and his aunt Alberta.


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