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Time lines For the Madoc Area

7.) Time lines For the Madoc Area
1890 agriculture recession, population no longer growing in Hastings. Madoc population drops to 1000
1882 Central Ont. Railroad advertises for 200 men and 100 teams of horses
1880-81 Malaria epidemic, mill ponds drained. Population 1500. Things slowing down. Iron mines closed, lumbering falls off, railroad bypasses Madoc and goes through Tweed.
1876-77 economy down, riots in Belleville due to layoffs on the railroad.
1873 fire destroys large part of town.
1870 St Peters Presbyterian church built.
1866 Gold discovered. Madoc population 500. Town starts to boom. 4 carriage shops, 5 blacksmiths, 2 cabinet shops, planning mill, tannery, 6 general stores, 5 grocery stores, 2 tailors, 2 millinary shops, 2 butchers, one druggist, watchmaker, photographer (daugerrean), newspaper (Madoc Mercury).
1864 Several hotels in the town of Madoc
1863 Madoc population 1031
1860 Concerns about the American Civil war
1856 Railroad runs between Montreal and Toronto. Colonization road in Hastings opened.
Small boom in Madoc due to road being opened.
Madoc population 500
1851 Madoc population 200
1837 Iron mining in the Madoc area, only one store in town of Madoc. About 100 men employed in iron ore business.

1830-39 Settlers in Madoc area, Donald MacKenzie opens a grist mill. Madoc was first called MacKenzie Mills then later Hastings and finally the village of Madoc.

1812-14 American/Canadian British war
1800-1810 Belleville prospers
1791 Canada Act (Upper and Lower Canada)
1789 First main group of about 50 settlers to Belleville area
1787 Settled my military companies
- 8th (Sidney)
- 9th (Thurlow)
1785-1780 Small settlement of Singleton’s Creek (Belleville)
1784 Land surveyed for Loyalists and settlers.
1783 Land Treaty with native people to gain access to front lakeshore lands between Gananoque and Trent River district.
1. Smiths Canada Vol 2, 1850 Madoc Twp, population 2021, 1 grist mill, 5 saw mills, 8 schools.
2. 1863 up to 40 men employed on building the Hastings Rd.
3. 1837 Iron mine located about 5 miles north of town with foundry located in Madoc.
4. 1848 1st lumber mill. By 1867 lumbering a major industry in the area.
5. 1864 potash industry growing.


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