Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Book - Caverlys of North America



Edition One of Caverly genealogies.
Brampton, Ontario, Canada – May 8, 2008

- Author Paul Caverly has written another book covering Caverly family trees of North America and publishing it on, the online marketplace for digital content.

Mr. Caverly put together all the information for several Caverly family trees he has found over the years, into a 400 plus page book.

This book contains the family trees for the New York, New Hampshire and Irish Caverlys found in North America. Virtually all Canadian Caverlys are found in the New York Caverly family trees. The book also contains some short history details and information about the Caverly DNA Project. Although the book is fully indexed and contains over 400 pages there wasn’t room to include the many source details collected.

Mr. Caverly says: “Over the years I have collect a great deal of information about the Caverly surname. Other family researchers also helped in the search for Caverly records. I wanted to put all the family trees I found into one book.”

The book can be found on the Lulu site, and searching for the name Caverly. The book can be ordered as a hardcopy or as a download. A hard copy costs about $13.00 + shipping or the book can be downloaded for $1.00. is the premier marketplace for digital content on the
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About the Author section
Paul Caverly is 62 years old retiree. He lives in Brampton, Ontario Canada with his wife, adult children and three cats. Many of his ancestors originated in Hastings County, Ontario, Canada. His book may be found at and then searching for the name Caverly.


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