Monday, January 17, 2011


Early in 2010 I made contact with Ron Calverley of the UK. Ron has been researching the Calverley surname for many years and is in his 90s. Based on folklore and genealogy definitions many believe the surname Caverly derived from the surname Calverley. The Calverley can be traced back 900 years in the UK and even today there are far more people with the Calverley surname in the UK then those with the Caverly surname. When it comes to populations it seems those with the Caverly surname far out number those with the Calverley surname in North America. The Caverlys became prolific in North America and today’s existing numbers reflect on the fact they arrived in North America possibly 200 plus years before those with the Calverley started to land on this side of the ocean.

The Caverly DNA project at now has results for two individuals with the Calverley surname. These two individuals do not share similar DNA. Ron Calverley of the UK can trace is linage back 700 years and his DNA results are now in our project. Perhaps overtime we can learn more about the possible relationship between the two surnames if indeed it exists.


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